Intruducing the Fit 4 Life Fitness Challenge

So for the past few days I have been pushing our new Fitness Challenge on our Facebook page…by the way if you are not a member of our Facebook page feel free to join up…Just search for Muffins To Marathons Fit 4 Life in the search bar and you will find us.  Anyways, this idea of a Fitness Challenge has been something I have been thinking about for quite some time.  I see the Biggest Loser show and competitions that go around all over the place but I wanted to make this something different.  I also wanted to make this available to everyone and anyone.  Regardless of your current fitness level or weight, every has an equal chance of winning.  Everything will be based on percentages…It doesn’t matter if you can’t do 2 push-ups and someone else can do 100, everyone is on equal footing due to how the system will work.  I don’t care about numbers, I care about percentage gained.  I know that I have received a lot of questions from people who say that they can’t run fast or they can’t do this or that…I am here to tell you that it doesn’t matter.  We are going to have 5 Fit Test areas plus a weigh in and body fat % check.  It doesn’t matter where you live as these will for the most part be done on your own.  The exceptions are the very first and the last fit test.  Those need to be verified by someone, I don’t care who it is.  You can live in Alaska and still participate in this challenge.  Whether you are 400 pounds or 100 pounds, you can enter and possibly win this.  So here is how it will work..

1)  You need to register at and designate the Charity of your choice.  More about the charity later on.

2)  Challenge will start October 1, 2012 and run through December 31, 2012

3)  On October 1, 2012 everyone who is part of the challenge will take their Fit Test and complete their Weigh In.  Everyone will be given a unique username and password.  All data and results will be entered on our Fit Test and Weigh In website that will be provided to everyone.

4)  You can use any workout program that you would like.  There are no rules with regards to what program you use.  Your goal is to increase your fitness any way you can.  If you are a Muffins To Marathons Personal Training Team Member, your workouts will be provided for you on the program that you are currently on.  If you desire to be a Muffins To Marathons Team Member, you can click HERE to join but there is absolutely no requirement to do so.

5)  Every two weeks you will complete another Fit Test and Weigh In to gauge your progress.  In the meantime, keep working out and keep eating right.

6)  Every challenger will receive a weekly or bi-weekly email to motivate, inspire and renew your dedication to what you are doing.

7)  At the 12 week point which will be December 31, 2012 (yup, New Years Eve) every challenger will once again take the Fit Test and Weigh In and this will be your final test.  After completion of this test, I will then look at your results and compare them from your initial test, put all your numbers into my little program I made and figure out your percentage increase.  You will then be awarded points based on your gains.

8)  On or about January 1, 2012 all winners including the Grand Prize or 1st Place winner will be announced.  We will have 10 total winners.  Each winner will receive a percentage of the total amount of money paid into the challenge.  More details on that in a bit.

9)  The charity.  One of the things that I hold near and dear to my heart is giving back.  So, we have decided that we are going to give 10% of the total money raised to the charity of YOUR choice.  It is required that everyone who signs up list the charity of their choice.  Once we begin the challenge I will send out a list of the top 10 charities and we will all vote on the one that should receive the money.

10)  Payouts.  Here are the payouts for the winners.

1st Place receives 25% of the total money raised

2nd Place receives 10% of the total money raised

3rd Place receives 6% of the total money raised

4th and 5th Place each receive 5% of the total money raised

6th and 7th Place each receive 4% of the total money raised

8th Place receives 3% of the total money raised

9th Place receives 2% of the total money raised

10th Place receives 1% of the total money raised

I am going to include the PDF document that also explains this program that you can download and share with anyone you desire.  Our goal is to get as many people as possible into the challenge.  The cost to enter is $60..Feel free to contact me at with any questions you might have.

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