Overcoming Self-Doubt to Achieve Success

Losing weight.  Running a 5K or a marathon.  Gaining greater self esteem.  Becoming a better mother or father.  In the course of our lives, we have all lived through periods of self doubt.  That feeling that no matter what you do, success is always just in front of you can’t ever catch it.  There are countless stories of people who have overcome tremendous odds and achieved certain levels of success.

Recently, Andy Murray achieved success.  He was the US Open Champion this year and Andy Murray would probably be the first person to tell you that he had to overcome an immense amount of self-doubt in order to achieve success.  There is a psychological twist in all of this.  The cure for self-doubt appears a confidence-enhancing triumph – but you can’t win until you overcome your self-doubt.

This is generally a health and fitness blog so we are going to stick to that premise while discussing this idea of self-doubt and its ability to hinder all of our progress in achieving what we desire to achieve.  Self-doubt in my opinion and I am sure that of many others all starts in our heads.  We think negatively, we think we can’t do something.  I have people tell me all the time, “I am 50, 100, 150 pounds overweight and I have tried everything and nothing seems to work, I just can’t do it!”  This is self-doubt!  How do we you fix this!

What we do here at M2M and one of the things I preach over and over again is that you won’t ever achieve success unless you are willing to make the change.  You have to want it.  You have to need it.  You have to embrace it and live it hour by hour, day by day, month by month and year by year!  Success comes often times in very small packages and that is what we need to think about when it comes to weight loss and fitness.  There are a handful of people in the entire world that could go out and run a marathon with no training.  Why is this?  Because it is HARD!  It is damn hard and it takes a ton of time, patience and practice to train properly to achieve the success of completing a marathon.  The same holds true for weight loss.  It is extremely hard!!  And it takes 100% constant vigilance to succeed.

One of the things I tell every team member and potential team members is that they have to have goals.  I look at goals like a staircase.  You have the ultimate goal (getting to the top of the stairs) and in between you and that ultimate goal is series of steps.  To achieve success, you have to hit certain marks along the way.  Some people can get up the stairs faster than others, some cannot.  Either way, provided you are continuing to move forward, you will eventually achieve the success you are looking for.  The problem lies, when you take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. We think of ourselves as failures.  And we might be, but we need to find out what is the root cause of the failure.  Did we let peer pressure overcome us?  Did we eat something that we know we shouldn’t have eaten but figured, “what the hell it is only one donut.”  One thing that I have found in my years of training and losing weight myself is that it takes more commitment than most anything else.  Temptations are all around us and in the end, only the strong will be able to walk away from those temptations.

I am here to let each and every person who reads this know, that YOU CAN ACHIEVE SUCCESS!  But it you and only you that can actually be the catalyst for change.  You have to have the desire and the willpower to do it.  If you end up taking two steps back, slap yourself upside the head, call yourself whatever name you like and then get back to fixing the problem and start moving forward again.  The time for excuses is over!


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