A new Adventure

One of the greatest things I love about Muffins To Marathons is our ability to consistently think up new and exciting ideas to encourage people to get more active.  Whether that is through our personal training, our boot camps, the current Fitness Challenge or our new adventure, The Fit 4 Life Virtual Race Series.  The goal in all of these is very simple.  Move your body and improve your health.

Our newest adventure is a little different and for most people, this is something that they have never heard of before.  Virtual Racing?  What is that?

After many years of racing in organized races, there are a few things I have learned.  1)  Races can be very expensive.  From race entry fee’s to travel costs, the $$’s can add up.  2)  Some people who are either are just starting out on their fitness journey feel overwhelmed at the thought of running or walking in an organized event.  So, we decided we were going to do the Virtual Race Series and open the doors of racing to everyone.  A virtual race is only virtual in the race sense.  You are still going to have to get out there and run the distance or walk the distance.  So what is the benefit?  You don’t have to travel anywhere if you don’t want to.  You can choose to walk out your front door and do the run.  I believe though that by getting a group involved you are going to have a lot more fun.

So here is how it is going to work.  First you need to sign up and you can do that at http://www.active.com/explorer/index.cfm?eventId=2064762

After you have signed up you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that you are registered.  Now it is time to train to run your 5K.  There will be 3 different 5K’s to choose from.  You can run 1 or 2 or all 3.  Each participant will receive a fantastic running race shirt and after you have completed your race you will receive an amazing and unique finishers medal.  If you choose to run all 3 races, you will receive a 4th medal commemorating your accomplishment.  Once you have run your 5K, the only thing you have left to do is head on over to the website and enter in your results.  Thats it!  Once everyone has submitted their results, we will then select our winners on a random basis.  It does not matter if you finish first or last, everyone has an equal opportunity to win some great prizes.

We are constantly working to ensure that we put on the very best race series we can.  Sign up today and be a part of a great new adventure.


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