Sometimes you just have to say WTF…..

This is a story that broke a few days ago and after reading it, I had mixed reactions.  Part of me was happy that we live in a country where freedom of speech and the ability to express yourself in most anyway that you want (legally) is granted.  This story is gnawing at me though…

Lindsey Stone was photographed at the Tomb on the Unknowns, middle finger engaged in the upright position and screaming something.  Well, it was just reported that Ms. Stone and her accomplice have just been terminated from their jobs and I for one, am ok with that.  If you have no idea what I am talking about you can read the story HERE

I am glad they both got fired from their jobs.  What they did was stupid and I don’t really care that they both self admitted that they were just being D…..BAGS!  Their words not mine by the way.  What they did was take our freedom of speech and whether intentional or not, disrespected the men and women who so bravely fought and died to ensure WE have the right to do what we do.  So, an open invitation to Ms. Stone and her accomplice..You have an open invitation to come find me, and you can flip me off.

To Ms. Stone

Ms. Stone, I don’t care what your reasons are nor do I care for your apology.  Your apology will be accepted because that is just who I am and who we are as a nation.  Don’t mistake acceptance of your apology as acceptance for what you did.  I have served my country and worn the uniform of my nation for 20 years and even though there have been good days and bad days over my career, I am still a veteran…and I am DAMN proud of it!  And what you did at Arlington National Cemetery was insulting not only to me but to the millions of other veterans who have served.  So, if you really want to apologize, words just won’t cut it.  Head on over to the nearest Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps recruiter and tell them you want to serve your country.  Put on a uniform and put yourself in harms way.  Turns out you need a new job right now anyways!


One pissed off veteran.





2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to say WTF…..”

  1. What happened to pride and respect in America? What is happening to this country? I think half the people in this country need a good NCIS head slap!

    Thank you for your service. Whenever I meet someone who is serving or has served, I shake their hand and sincerely thank them.

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