Tiss the season…..

To ensure that you have your head pulled out of your backside and stop sabotaging your health!!!!  I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this time of year.  Who in their right mind can pass this up…

Christmas Dinner

This is by no means the beginning or the end though.  For some really strange reason, most people seem to think that is their right to eat anything you so desire, especially this time of year.  I run, I lift, I do Zumba….So I can indulge.  And let me be clear, when it comes to our holiday meals, I FULLY SUPPORT THIS!!!  It is all the other stuff that comes along with the holidays that will get us all into trouble…

These sure look really great don’t they!!


Or how about these…..

Christmas Baked Goods

It is OK to eat one or two and have a great time, but remember that each of these great “treats” is just that…a treat…something to eaten in extreme moderation.  Between the meal, all the snacking, the alcohol…Whew…

I like to use examples of just how BAD this can get…..Here is a relatively typical Christmas day Meal and snacking options….

One mixed drink,

One glass of wine,

A cup of coffee with cream and sugar,

A cup of eggnog,

Half a cup of mixed raw veggies,

5 large olives,

One ounce of potato or tortilla chips,

One teaspoon of chip dip,

1 half of deviled egg,

2 oz. boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce,

Half a cup of gelatin with fruit,

Six ounces of white and dark turkey,

Half a cup of stuffing,

Half a cup of cranberry sauce,

Half a cup of mashed potatoes,

Half a cup of gravy,

Half a cup of green bean casserole,

A dinner roll,

A pat of butter,

Two small chocolate-chip cookies,

A slice of apple pie,

A small piece of fudge,

a candy cane,

A turkey sandwich with mayo and cranberry sauce,

…that comes to 3908 calories. You will need to walk 39.08 miles, 63.03 kilometers, or 78160 steps, assuming you cover one mile in 2,000 steps.  HOLY S**T!!!!  Have FUN with that!  If you think that this little “menu” up above is totally inaccurate…write down everything you eat or drink and you will probably surprise yourself.

Again, I am not saying that you can’t or shouldn’t have a great meal and eat what you want…I simply want to make sure that we go into the season with the knowledge of what we need to do leading up to and after the holiday’s are over.  This by the way does not in any way shape or form take into consideration leftovers for days on end.

Knowledge is POWER!!!  Sometimes, a little willpower to NOT go crazy is a good thing,


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