A New Year and New Challenges

Every year around this time, there is a renewed sense of motivation and dedication to get oneself healthier and happier.  This renewed sense of purpose is an amazingly powerful force that dominates so many people…unfortunately, often times that powerful force wanes in the coming weeks and months.  Some people realize that eating healthier is not as easy as it looks.  Going to the gym simply sucks.  They are all alone with no purpose and no real goal.  Hence the rational behind my long held belief that most resolutions suck.  Especially those that have no goals to back them up.  “I want to lose 20 pounds before swimsuit season!”  That is great, my question is how are you going to do it?  Often times, the typical answer is work out and eat right.  But what is your plan?  “I don’t have one.”…..Yikes!

So this year is going to be different and Muffins to Marathons is bound and determined to help as many people as possible reach the goals that they want to reach.  That is why we have started the Fit 4 Life Shoot for the Moon Fitness Challenge.  This is going to be a year long challenge event in which we all, as a group, as a team, strive to achieve something great.  Forget the fact that as a group we need to traverse 238,900 to the moon, the bigger goal is that we are all going to be here for each other.  So that’s all great Jim, but what exactly is the Shoot for the Moon challenge?

What is Shoot for the Moon?  Shoot for the Moon is a fitness challenge designed to keep you motivated and active during the 2013 year by recording a virtual adventure from Earth to the moon…   238,900 MILES of team work!!  Every mile counts!

How does it work?  After registering and submitting the $60.00 registration fee, each participate will receive the official internet link showing the Muffin Man on the Muffins to the Moon map.  The team is made up of the number of participants who sign up throughout the year. There is no deadline for registering.  We welcome anyone at any time to join the team! Each participant will have the entire 2013 year to perform as many miles of aerobic activity to record on the team map.  Run, walk, elliptical, swim, row yourself to the moon!  As you complete your miles, keep track of them any way you like (i.e. runnersworld.com, spreadsheet, etc.) and submit them to the Muffins to Marathons staff at the end of each month.  We will then track the miles on the Muffins to the Moon map.  How far can the Muffin Man go?  In addition, every single person who is registered will have 100% total access to our staff nutritionist who is geared to help each and every one of us achieve a great balance in our healthy eating.

How do I register?  Go to www.muffinstomarathons.com and sign up online.  Participation is open to anyone, anywhere.  Parent or guardian signature required for participants under 18 years old.  All participants are on the Honor System.  You will be given the link to the map with additional information when you register.  Shirt sizes come in Youth Large, Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL (unisex).


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