One week in…

So one week in to the 2013 year how are you doing on your New Years GOALS!!!  Have you started off on the right foot?  Or the left foot?  Or any feet at all?  New Years often times is a time of cleansing, not only of the body but of the mind!

Unfortunately, most people will give up in the not so distant future with some or all of their goals.  I implore you to NOT give up.  No matter what your goal(s) are they are important and you need to work hard every single day to achieve them.

Often times the very best way to achieve your goals is to talk about them, to let them be known to those around you.  So with that said, I am going to go ahead and announce my goals for 2013!  Please feel free to comment to this blog post and tell us what your goals  are…

1)  Be a better dad to my kids!  No matter how great you think you are, you can always be better!!!!!

2)  Be a great citizen!  No matter what country you live in, it is our responsibility to do the best we can for our country.

3)  Run 2013 miles!  This one is going to be a tough one but completely do able if I put my mind to it 🙂

4)  Continue to do the very best I can to run an effective business that focuses on the needs of others.  Keep the costs down as low as possible and pass those savings on to everyone!  (This one is tough as the economy seems to get more expensive every single day)

5)  Develop new and innovative ways to encourage everyone to live a healthier and happier life 🙂

So now that I have listed my top 5…what are your goals…there doesn’t need to be a number…1 goal works.  Would love to hear all of them!


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