Motivation (Part 2)

In the first part of our motivation series, we discussed what motivation is.  We talked about the fact that you don’t need to be the strongest to demonstrate strength, you don’t have to be the smartest to demonstrate intelligence and you don’t need to be the best to demonstrate success.

So why do some people have more motivation than others?  Why does it seem that some people “want it more?”  Take a look at this video and REALLY listen…

Often times motivation is a combination of many factors.  The ability to actually do more than what you think you can.  The ability to actually achieve a goal or a dream not because it is easy but because it is hard.  The ability to dig deep within yourself…BUT…one of the greatest contributing factors to motivation is having someone who believes in you.  Someone who can push you, to challenge you, to inspire you.

All of us have someone in their lives that inspires and challenges us.  If you don’t, send me an email and I will be that person for you, but I truly believe that ALL of us have someone.

I talk to people every single day who have the dream and the goal of losing weight, getting in better shape, running faster, walking faster, being at better this or that.  But they want the EASY way!!  They want someone to tell them that if they just eat right they will lose weight.  Well, let me make something very clear, the easy way is almost never the best or the most efficient way.  It takes work dammit!

You cannot run faster without actually training to run faster.  You cannot walk faster without actually training to walk faster.  You can’t just magically lose weight just by eating right.  Any by the way, eating right is NOT that easy in the first place.

Look back to the video that we all just watched.  You have a football team who doesn’t believe they are going to win.  And one of the “star” players tells the coach that he hasn’t written the next game off as a loss if he “knew we could beat them.”  This is a classic example of a person who needs to have something shown to him, he doesn’t have the courage to stand up and say, “you bet your backside we are going to beat them because we are the best!”  Why?  Why the doubt?  The coach doesn’t say anything inspirational at this point, what does he do.  He makes the kid carry another kid to the 50 yard line…or so the young man things.  Instead he is blindfolded and told to give it everything he has.  The young man has no idea how far he is going but he uses his own internal willpower to push himself farther than he thinks he is going.  His mind and his body were unable to communicate and therefore he was able to push the entire 100 yards.

In the end, my point to all of this is often times the only limiting factor is our minds.  We believe we can only go so far or do so much.  Our bodies are so much stronger than we think they are.  Our minds are strong, very strong, to strong sometimes and when we let our minds tell us that we can’t go any further, that we can push any faster or any longer, then we won’t.  Clear your mind and just let go and when the pain sets in…..let your mind go!  Your mind is just giving you excuses why you can’t.

I have a quote that I use at the end of every single email I send….it is something that I live by day in and day out.

If it is important to you, you will find a way.  If not, you’ll find an excuse!

What is going to be your excuse today?  Or will you find a way?


2 thoughts on “Motivation (Part 2)”

  1. Really enjoying the motivation posts. Just went through your site and I am actually thinking of joining your challenge, since I have just started training for a marathon in October… It might help complete the miles to the moon! I’ll definitely keep an eye on your posts. Thanks for all the useful info!

    1. I am very happy you are enjoying the posts. We would love to have you on the Shoot for the Moon team. Best of luck on your marathon training. If you ever need any assistance at all, don’t hesitate to ask.

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