Motivation (Part 4)

A few weeks ago, I asked one of our runners to write up a little something about her weight loss journey.  Little did I realize at the time that what I was asking for was more than just a little story.  What you are about to read is an amazing story…a story of not only a physical transformation but one that is emotional and psychological as well.  Kelly is an amazing woman who’s dedication to her health and her family are simply amazing.  She has the support she needs and she knows that she is not where near where she wants to be but she keeps pushing, keeps moving forward.  That is all any of us can ever expect or hope for.  Kelly, not that it means a whole lot coming from a guy who you have never met, but I as well as so many others are super proud of you and we are here to support you in any and every way that we can.

Supersized Kelly 

I don't know where to start my story, maybe that my entire life I have
been struggling with my weight. A story that most of us know all too
well. I was a chubby kid, or shall I say was convinced I was big
boned. I was 112 lbs. in the 4th grade, but at that time I really
didn't know I wasn't good enough. I finally got a nickname in 6th
grade, at that time I didn't think too much into it. Oh they called me
shark. Why? Oh I ate anything in my path.
Years went by, but the time I graduated high school I was still
chubby but not enough for me to really think I was ugly. I did find
out I was wrong. I went out with a guy, let's call him Bob. It seemed
to be going really well, until he said and I will quote, "you would be
such a pretty girl if you got braces and lost a bunch of weight!" Oh
that was the end of THAT date! So, what did I do besides realize that I
wasn't very pretty? Oh, got braces and lost weight. 8 months after I
did all of this I ran into Bob and he couldn't believe the change.
What did I do? I didn't do a thing.
In those months, I started to run and eat horribly. I ate no more than
1000 calories or at times less than 800 calories. I thought at that time
it was the right thing to do. However, I didn't realize how I was not
doing my body any favors. I continued to eat poorly and workout. I
finally met the man I was going to marry and on July 31, 1988 I did just
that. I was at that time very fit from running and eating good portions
and making good choices.
Then I was running my 2nd marathon, I wasn't performing well, but I
finished the race. I found out I was pregnant!! However, I was having
many medical issues I was told to hold off on my extreme exercise. I then
at that point started eating more and more. I gained 85lbs; let's say
baby fat.
After my daughter was born, I was a doing that yo-yo dieting. I
couldn't lose the weight, actually kept gaining more and more. I added
running, and after a month, I figured I was in the best shape in the world
and I could do anything! (Note this was without proper training). May
1991, I entered in the Hagg Lake Run. It was (and still is) a 10.2 mile
hilly race. I didn't even think twice that I wasn't prepared for
this. Ah yeah, after a mile and running uphill, I saw my daughter and
husband, cheering me on, I for the first time in my life, stopped in the
race and said take me home.
This was the start to my weight reaching the highest point which was over
270 lbs!! I was so depressed that I let my family and mostly myself
down. I had a job/self-employed company which I couldn't stand doing
anymore and was angry, mean and very sad. Since I worked from home, I
often went to the kitchen and ate everything in my path. I kept turning
to food and what a way to live. I have always had problems looking into
the mirror and just liking myself.
I finally decided one day to stop and make changes in my life. It took me
over 18 years to make that decision. I started to walk a short distance,
then longer then started to jog/run again. Having such a great support
from my husband, I closed my business and returned to College.
I am getting better with my weight loss but it has taken over 2 years to
totally drop the 110 pounds and I still have 30 pounds to go. I am a work
in process, really. I am currently working on a few goals, the main one
this year is to break the marathon at 4 hours, do a Half-Ironman in 5
hours so next year I will complete a full Ironman. They say it takes baby
steps. It really does because honestly I still find each and every day a
struggle. My favorite thing to do is run or shall I say run with my dog.
I will succeed to where I am going to go, because I finally do believe in myself.
The one thing I forgot to mention, that Lynn (husband), got me in the Hagg
Lake Run for my mother's day gift 2011 to finally get that nightmare of
failure to pass. I did complete that race and got 3rd place in my age
division! SO yes, I am a winner!

Kelly Johnson Now



3 thoughts on “Motivation (Part 4)”

  1. I met Kelly at Lake Stevens 70.3. After meeting her before the race I never wanted to see anyone finish more than her. She has always been an athlete. Now she can really express it and inspire others to get healthy and happy! Seek her out at the races. She will inspire you no matter where you are in your journey!

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