January 2013 Workout Report

Let me begin by saying, we want to hear about your January!!!  Feel free to make a comment below and let the world know how GREAT you did in January.

We all have expectations.  We all have goals (or we should anyways).  For those that know me, I am a HUGE fan of statistics.  I like to know the numbers on everything I do.  That is just me.  Along with expectations comes a certain level of responsibility to actually live up to those expectations.  Yes, I know this is a fitness and health blog but these same expectations carry over into all phases of our lives.  Our family, our jobs, or hobbies, and yes our fitness.

One of the things I learned a long time ago when I started, is that you cannot and should not compare yourself to another person.  It has the potential to defeat you.  This can be said of attempting to compare yourself from a past self.  In my past self, I would have looked at my January numbers and been completely defeated.  I didn’t run nearly far enough or fast enough.  I didn’t complete nearly the amount of cross training I should have.  I ate to much, and worked out to little.,

Some argue that talking about your workouts is tantamount to bragging.  I completely disagree and I encourage everyone to share what they did.  This is an amazing act of self indulgence to a point, but it is also beneficial because once you put it out there what you did and what your expectations are, now you have to work harder to achieve the goal.  It is not bragging…bragging is telling people that what you do is better than what they do.  I can run faster than you!  I can run longer than you!  I can lift more!  I can do more push-ups!  Well that is great and it is potentially true, but I am doing what I know I can do.  Huge difference between talking about what you did and actually bragging about it.  Bragging about it can make others feel defeated.

Everyone likes to say that I am a fast runner.  As much as I appreciate the compliments, I like to tell those same people that speed, much like the weather is all relative.  I may be faster than you but there are 10 more people for every 1 that is faster than me!  Again, this goes back to not comparing yourself against others.  All you can do is work hard, train hard and prove that you can run 1 second faster on this run this week than you did last week.  Sure I can hold my own on speed, I can run a 6:30 per minute mile on a 5K and for me, that is an all out effort.  That is 100%…but I also see the ladies and gentleman passing me by at a 5:00 minute per mile pace and they aren’t so much as breathing hard.

Everything is about perspective!  If you are running a 10 minute mile, work to improve that to a 9:59 this month.  If you can do 5 push-ups in a row now, work to improve that to 6 this month.  If you can do that each and every month, you are a winner and NO ONE can take that away from you.

Anyways, I as well as many others would absolutely love to hear how your January went.  Please, take a few minutes to post how you think you did.  Here is my workout report for January.

January 2013 Fitness Stats


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