Living for today or work for tomorrow?

So do you live for today?  Or do you work for tomorrow?  Is it possible to do both?

I think there is a large disparity in how many people think and live their lives.  Why do I pose these questions?  I believe there is value in both ways of thinking and of course we are posing this question with regards to nutrition and fitness.

When it comes to nutrition and fitness I believe we MUST do both!  We of course all should be living for today and enjoying our families, our kids, the special events that occur on a daily basis in our lives.  If we do not appreciate TODAY, tomorrow simply won’t matter.  I see people every single day who however ONLY live for today.  They put very little thought into tomorrow and I think that this can be a tragic mistake.  Why?  Well let us talk about this when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

Nutrition is something that we need to not just do but something that we need to live day in and day out.  Not just nutrition, but good, great, outstanding, beyond compare nutrition.  The old adage of we are what we eat could not be more true.  Today is and must be the day that we choose to eat the foods and drink the drinks that are going to make us just a little bit healthier tomorrow.  How do we do that?  Nutrition is all about common sense.  I use the Snickers Bar and Apple analogy all the time.  The choice is yours if you have one of each in front of you.  80% of the time, you need to eat the apple!  By eating healthy foods today you are going to extend your life and with all other variables removed, have many more tomorrows. But we all see people who eat like crap, regardless of their body type they eat like crap.  They might look fine on the outside but on the inside their bodies are being torn up and there numbers of tomorrows are going to be reduced.

Fitness is one of those areas of our health that we really truly have to look to the future…to tomorrow.  Unfortunately so many people quit or give up trying to improve their own fitness simply because they are not seeing their results immediately.  It hurts, I can’t get past 1 mile, I can’t get faster, shin splints, stress fractures…all of these things are real but they are NOT reasons to quit…these are the reasons to keep pushing.  But we have to put some thought into how we live today with regards to our physical activities to ensure that we have a tomorrow to actually get out there and do it again.  We have to remember that the things we do today will either improve or detract from what we can do tomorrow.  Improving your fitness is an extremely slow process.  There really is not a whole lot you can do to speed the process up.  It is what it is.  Just remember that if you want to get back out there and continue to work on improving your fitness tomorrow, you need to ensure that you do not hurt yourself today.

So what is the answer?  Is it better to live for today or work for tomorrow?  It is both and we all have to be able to find that happy medium.  Great nutrition today will benefit you tomorrow.  A proper and well designed workout will allow you to keep working out tomorrow instead of being injured and laid up in bed with an injury that might not and probably should not have happened.

So with that LIVE for today and enjoy the all the great opportunities that have been bestowed upon us, but don’t forget about tomorrow, even though it is not promised, if we do the right things today, we will get there and we need to enjoy tomorrow just as much as we lived for today.




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