Customer Service

What the hell is going on with the world that we live in today?  I simply do not understand how businesses and organizations and willfully treat their customers and consumers the way that they do.  I just read a post on our Facebook Page from oe of team members who had a less than pleasurable experience at the hospital over the weekend.  What her Dr told her was uncalled for and inexplicable.  This is from what I can see, a more repetitive theme throughout the service related world.  I had a similar experience this weekend on Saturday when I went down to one of those local business that ships out via USPS, FedEx, DHL, ext….and I was looked at like I had the plague.  Yes I came in with about 1,000 pieces of mail to mail out..yes I was creating more work for them..yes I know it is less than 10 days until Christmas..but guess what!  This is their JOB!  And let me be clear that this was the OWNER of the business who was giving me the dirty looks.  If you don’t like people bringing their mail to mail out, put up a sign that says we are a small business that accepts mail and packages for shipping but we really don’t like doing this so please take your business elsewhere!

Unfortunately this is become much more common everywhere I go.  From restaurants to retails stores.  I was in Toys R Us this weekend and I could have walked naked up the aisles and still received one bit of attention.  I get that the employees are busy, but when a customer comes to you, says “I have money I would like to spend and I need to find this particular item, ” I guess my response would be, “Let me go help you find it!” instead of what we got..”If you go over there (insert finger point here) you should find it up against the back wall….maybe!”..Maybe?!?  Come on, my time is worth far more than this and to think that many of these companies complain that their earnings are not where they should be.

Maybe if all of us in a service related industry actually takes a moment to go “above and beyond” what is actually expected of us, we all might be willing to spend more money in some of these stores.  Regardless of if the customer is right or wrong, the customer ALWAYS has to come first…if they don’t, you will find that you begin to have less and less of those customers to point to.

Jim Parker is the owner and operator of Muffins to Marathons – Fit 4 Life and the Fit 4 Life Race Series.  If you have a comment for this story, please feel free to add your comments.  If you would like to contact Jim with a story or an idea please contact him at 


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