Are you ready!

Oh the trainer in me simply could not resist.  I am sure so many of you have heard of the new workout program by Beachbody…The much review T25.  Well like the good trainer and fitness enthusiast that I am, I went out and got ordered a few weeks ago and started the program yesterday with Amy.

Now I am not much for “canned” workouts however I get so many questions and in all honesty, the only fair way to answer anyone’s questions is to actually do the program myself.  Which is probably a good thing as my own personal fitness has degraded rapidly over the last few months due to a lot of things that I am not even going to come close to delving into now.  That said, I need a pick me up.  So T25 is going to be the program I am going to use for the foreseeable future.  So everything came in the mail the other day and I ordered the Gamma package which includes the Alpha, the Beta and the Gama disks….It also came with 3 bands and a mat.



So yesterday we decided to make Day 1.  Always best to start on a Monday and I am going to amazingly honest here.  Of course with all of these programs you need to do your initial weigh in…well I weighed in at 191 pounds 😦  This is the heaviest I have been in well over 4 years and 28 pounds heavier than I was on the same day last year….amazing what happens when your running mileage goes down by almost 1000 miles in one year.  Anyways, they also ask you to take a before picture…Yikes!!!!!  We will get to that in a moment.

So day one is Cardio.  It was a challenge.  A LOT of jumping so if you have weak ankles or knees…best to modify this one.  It was a challenge that is for sure and the arches in feet were absolutely ON FIRE!  As I said, it has been a while since I have done anything like this at all.  The nice thing is…you only go for 25 minutes…it is 25 minutes of constant motion but only 25 none the less.  It hurt but it was doable.

Today was Speed 1.0…Well I can tell you that I was moving in Speed 0.5 and I don’t know how much faster Amy was moving…again, lots more jumping and a lot of coordination is required which for some reason I had none of today.  That said, another great workout, got a good sweat going and was happy to see the timer click to 0.

I will be giving more detail on each day’s workouts as we progress forward throughout the next few weeks and will give my honest opinion of the program.  We shall see how it goes.

Now as for the before picture.  I took one and I am going to keep that picture to myself for the time being however when the program has reached its conclusion, I will post the before and the after picture to see if there is any significant improvement visually.  I know there will be on a pure fitness level.


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