T25 and Day 3

Well today was the Full Body Circuit and I will agree…it was all about using your whole body.  Was it easy?  No.  Was it hard?  Yes.  Was it impossible…well this all depends on the person.

First let me say that I am a runner first and foremost…I do strength training however that training is almost always focused on improving my running.  I am certified to teach a lot of different things simply because I feel that being well rounded is important….but at heart and in my mind..I am just a runner.

After Day 3 of the T25 program I am starting to feel much like I did when I did P90 and Insanity…overwhelmed…frustrated…insecure.  I can’t help it but that is how I feel.

To recap..Day 1 was Cardio which was hard but not impossible.  A LOT of jumping which for some reason was really hurting the arches in my feet.

Day 2 was Speed 1.0 which was fine…still lots of jumping which again was affecting arches but it was doable.

So on to day 3…Total Body Circuit….not easy by any measure but again it was doable.  I found myself using the modifications on more than one occasion.  I think my single biggest problem is that I have unfortunately let my own personal fitness decline so much due to everything happening in 2013 that my body is revolting a bit.  You will for sure feel it in your entire body however and it was a good workout.

My overall impression over the first few days.  First, these are good solid workouts with good solid moves.  Everything that is being demonstrated is being done with proper form however I have not yet heard even one time where it was mentioned to ensure you are moving safely.  What do I mean by safety…what I mean is if you have a bad back, bad knees, bad shoulders, ect…if you have any of these problems you will simply will find that these workouts simple exacerbate the problems you are having.  I do believe that if you are to stick with this program you will see results.

My other impression on T25 is that you really need to have a great baseline level of fitness to be able to maximize the benefits of the program and this is the issue I have with video’s like this.  Yes, they do provide modifications which is fantastic, but even some of the modifications can’t be done by everyone.  Also, if you are doing this alone, there is no one there who is letting you know if your form is right or wrong and with some of the jumping and twisting going on…would be nice to know if your form was proper…really hard to self diagnose that.

Amy seems to be having a slightly easier time of completing the video’s than I am having which is great.  We are going to keep pushing on and we are going to continue the program through all 3 stages, Alpha..Beta…and Gamma.  I know that this will get a bit easier as I gain my self confidence back and get my body reacquainted with doing some of the different things that I used to do that I have haven’t done in a while.


One thought on “T25 and Day 3”

  1. Hi Jim, I just seen the commercial for this the other day. Though they do comment that they have a modification program to work up to the more intense workout, I agree that you have to have that base fitness right off the bat. Seeing some of your fitness videos you have done, I think you could put something together that would benefit many novice and physically fit individuals. Your body will remember again. Good luck on the program.

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