Marathon Training – Week 3!!!!

Week after week, sometimes I don’t even like myself.  This was one of those weeks!!!  I knew going into this week that the training was going to be hard and it was going to be intense.  Add into that an extra run that I had to make up from last week and in the end we get EPIC!!!!  LOL, well I just needed to somehow find a way to throw the word epic in the mix.  Anyways, week 3 has come and gone and training is progressing the way it is supposed to.  I will say though that after this week, I have made a pact with myself that I will never let myself get out of Marathon condition again.  It is just far to much work to get it back…looking back, I will say it is much easier to stay in the same conditioning year round!  So let us discuss week 3!

Monday February 3, 2014 – Nothing like waking up and knowing you had only a 4 mile run to do today 🙂  Right?!?  Wrong 😦  Today was my make up day from Wednesday.  So this morning we knocked out the 4 miler and I was pretty damn happy with how it turned out.  35:04 which was not only 12 seconds faster than the 4 miler a week prior, I felt almost effortless running it.  Pace was at an 8:46 but I knew I could go a whole lot faster but that defeats the purpose of an easy run now doesn’t it.  I also knew that I had my 7 miler to do in the afternoon since I had to skip it on Saturday since I had the kiddo’s this past weekend.  Well, I did NOT want to go back to the gym.  I was frustrated and feeling a bit crabbier than my normal self but I trudged my way to the gym, found my treadmill and went after it.  59 minutes an d25 seconds later I was successfully able to complete my 7 miles at an 8:30 pace and I was on top of the world.  First I had run that fast and that far in I don’t know how long and I felt GREAT!!!!  All of that was about to end however…quickly.

Tuesday February 4, 2014 – 5 Miles.  Intervals.  Not fun.  Felt completely AWFUL!!!!  I was so out of it. Everything hurt.  Hell, by the time I was done my left ear was hurting!  I finished but the speeds were way down and my sprints were more like half jobs!  45:22 which was a 9:05 pace 😦  Amy had finished at least a whole minute before I did….she was already wiping her treadmill down and drinking a Mocha Latte before I could even hit stop.  Not that I am all that competitive but geez, this was starting to get crazy!

Wednesday February 5, 2014 – Track day..Oh how I love track days!!!!  Today I was stiff and sore but I was able to plough through.  Loosened up around mile 3 so that felt good.  For some reason my right hip is really bothering me and it is more annoying than painful bit I am finding that I am having to modify my stride and that is NEVER a good thing…I train runners and walkers every day and anytime there is a stride issue, I start getting concerned.  Well I am now a bit concerned but what can I do.  41:17 for the 4 miles which was 37 seconds slower than the previous week.  We had a really good strength workout however and this did make me feel a bit better.

Thursday February 6, 2914 – Supposed to be hills….ended up staying in bed 🙂  BONUS!!!  Unplanned rest day.  My hip needed it badly!

Friday February 7, 2014 – Supposed to be a rest day and I asked if we could just take it as the rest day as planned…not so much.  6 miles of unGODLY hills…who created this crazy plan!  Hip was just about killing me but trudged through, by no means fast but got it done.  59:21 and I felt every single second of it.  Amy the consummate Dr that she is was happy to let me know that she thinks I have a hip problem…We had a 1 mile spring to complete after the 6 miles of hills so we knocked that out in 7:41 which was 2 seconds faster than the week before so at least that made me feel not so bad…felt I could have pushed it a bit more but choose to just keep it low key and cruise to the finish.  I know what tomorrow is going to bring.

Saturday February 8, 2014 – Well tomorrow is now today and I can honestly tell you that EVERYTHING was conspiring against me today.  The sun, the wrong treadmill, the color of my running shirt, the lady in front of me wearing the completely wrong shoes…yes I was frustrated.  At the 3 mark I was at 30:10 and I decided I just couldn’t run on that treadmill anymore so I got off and went to another one.  45 minutes and 12 seconds later I finished my 8 miler.  Total time of 1:15:12 which equates out to a 9:24 per mile pace…we were supposed to be at 9:00.  I can honestly say I was in a ton of pain with my right hip…I don’t know if it is overuse or if there is something wrong…I have never felt anything like this before in all my years of running.

Sunday February 9, 2014 – Rest Day…Thank the Good Lord!

So why am I blogging about all of this…and when I read it back to myself the one common theme that I continue to see is that this hurts and that hurts and this is slow and this isn’t good….why oh why…simply really.  Words are an expression of how we feel.  I am a HUGE believer in writing everything down that you do…it allows you to go back and look at what you have done and where you have come from.  Time passes us by second by second and minute by minute every single day.  I need this blog more for myself than for anything else because in the end, I know I am going to get to where I need to be and I know that going back and reading many of these posts is going to give me the inspiration I know I will need 14 weeks from now.

Time will tell if I will be ready for Fargo in May.  Right now, I don’t feel it..I don’t feel that I will be ready.  I feel miserable…but I know that quitting now is not the answer and there is no option.  We must all strive to keep moving forward, no matter the hurdle or the obstacle.  Life a series of roads and this is the road that I have chosen.  Time will tell 🙂

Happy Running!

Jim Parker is the owner and operator of Muffins to Marathons – Fit 4 Life and the Fit 4 Life Race Series.  If you have a comment for this story, please feel free to add your comments.  If you would like to contact Jim with a story or an idea please contact him at or on twitter @M2M_Fit4Life


3 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 3!!!!”

  1. For goodness’ sake Jim don’t hurt yourself! If you were your client would you tell you to push through hip pain? 🙂

      1. That’s what I thought! (I also wonder if you would tell a client to jump in miles like that, hehe.) I am glad you’re feeling better – stay well, Jim. I know you have the drive and desire and strength to own this marathon business 🙂

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