Marathon Training Weeks 4 & 5

Hi all.  Sorry it has been so long since I updated the blog on how training is going.  All in all, I find that the training is going pretty well.  After a rough start, things seem to be flowing along nicely.  Week 4 was the last week in a 4 week upswing.  Week 5 was a cut back week…mileage wise, no cutback, just on the intensity of the runs.

Let’s take a look at Week 4.

Tough week.  30 total miles in 4 Hours 32 Minutes and 27 seconds.  Average pace for the week was 9:05 per mile with a long run of 8 miles.

Sunday Feb 9 – Rest Day

Monday Feb 10 – Easy 4 miler.  Monday is always my easy day.  Not sure why other than coming off the weekend and starting the week the last thing I want is hard run.  4 miles in 33:45 for an 8:27 pace.  I remember this run being a bit difficult at the end…I do believe I was still dealing with a hip issue then but made it through.

Tuesday Feb 11 – 6 miles of intervals.  Fun fun fun!!!!  I actually love intervals truth be told.  Not a bad run by any means however the intervals could have been faster.  I remember not pushing it all that hard.  54:30 was the total time for a 9:05 pace overall.

Wednesday Feb 12 – Wednesday is always our track day and I honestly despise this workout.  I am NOT a fan of the track and especially the indoor one.  It is 9 laps to a mile and I am bored silly.  That being said, it is good to come off the treadmill just to get your legs used to running on a hard surface again.  Will make the transition to outdoor running smoother.  4 miles in 39:44 for a 9:56 pace.

Thursday Feb 13 – 7 Mile Fartlek run.  If you have never run Fartlek’s before, I would highly recommend you doing so.  These are great runs in which you are constantly varying your intensity.  There is no rhyme or reason to this type of run…you push the pace at random intervals and then slow it down.  When I am out running on the roads, I usually pick out landmarks and run hard to that point then slow down then do it again…there really is no “recovery” per say like you would have on an interval but you are also not running at 90% effort either.  Good run though and I remember feeling well after it.  7 Miles in 1:02:12 for an 8:54 pace.

Friday Feb 14 – 8 Mile Long run and I have to say…tired was the key word during this run.  On the weekends that I have the kids I cram all 5 days of training in during the week so by Friday with no rest day…legs are tired.  I did not run very strong here but I was happy to just have it completed.  8 Miles in 1:14:54 for a 9:22 pace overall.

Week 5 – Cut back week.  30 Total Miles in 4 Hours, 22 Minutes and 42 seconds for an overall pace of 8:46 per mile.

All runs this week were considered easy…meaning no hills, intervals, fartlek’s or tempo runs.  Just 5 easy runs.

Sunday Feb 16 – Rest day

Monday Feb 17 – Monday runs are now 5 milers and no longer 4.  Still an easy run but we have added the extra mile and it will stay this way for through week 8 and on week 9 we bump again to 6.  Good solid run.  I felt amazing on this one.  One of those runs that you feel you could run forever.  5 Miles complete in 42:30 for an 8:30 Pace.

Tuesday Feb 18 – Today we had another 5 miler and I swear this one was even easier than on Monday.  Again, felt great and could have ran forever.  Still didn’t push it as we are on easy runs this wee,.  41:43 total time for a pace of 8:21 per mile.

Wednesday Feb 19 – 3rd easy 5 miler in a row.  This time on the track once again.  Nothing much to say about this one other than it was complete 🙂  Track runs are now getting longer though.  5 Miles in 47:39 for a 9:32 overall pace.

Thursday Feb 20 – Rest day

Friday Feb 21 – 6 Mile easy run.  Started to feel a “bit” tired on this one…not sure why but all I can think of is that I never run great after a rest day mid week…not sure if it is mental or not but it is tough for me.  I remember in my heavy heavy training days, I would never take a day off because I knew that first run back after a day off would always be bad.  Got it done though in 53:27 for an 8:55 overall pace.

Saturday Feb 22 – Long run day 🙂  9 miles and I have to say that this run wasn’t even remotely an issue. Had a great time with it.  I don’t mind long runs at all as I love to run distance so these runs are now starting to really get in my wheelhouse of things I love to do.  9 miles done in 1:17:23 for an 8:36 overall pace.

So there are the last 2 weeks of training.  Some good, some bad.  That is what we deal with as runners and walkers though.  Understand that not every day is going to be great.  Just keep moving forward.

Jim Parker is the owner and operator of Muffins to Marathons – Fit 4 Life and the Fit 4 Life Race Series.  If you have a comment for this story, please feel free to add your comments.  If you would like to contact Jim with a story or an idea please contact him at or on twitter @M2M_Fit4Life


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