Fitness Ain’t Easy

Neither is cleaning toilets but most of us still have to do that don’t we? I have learned that lesson the extremely hard way lately. My entire level of fitness dropped down a rabbit hole faster than a beer in a great Irish bar in Dublin. Fitness takes work and it takes dedication. Daily. Fitness is more than going to the gym or running. It is more than lifting, going to a spin class (which I did on Tuesday btw for the first time in over a year)…it is more than doing some crazy workout. Do you want to know the secret of what Fitness really and truly is? Read on and maybe if you are all behaving, I will tell you at the end of the blog.

We all have so many “things” going on in our lives! Work, kids, more work, more kids…meals, school, dance recitals, piano, art classes, homework with the aforementioned kids. The list goes on and on and on…..If you are like me (which I really hope and pray you are not) these things can ALL get in the way of what fitness really is.

How many of you have sat down and wrote down a list of what you wanted to accomplish today? Neither did I! How about this week? Nope, probably not. This month? Maybe a few but I think I am REALLY stretching it to name just a few! This year? Well its almost over so probably to late now. The point I am attempting to make here is that very very very and I mean VERY few people actually put pen to paper and detail out very specifically what they want to accomplish today, tomorrow, this month, next month, this year, next year or 5 years from now. We all say we will, but in the end we let everything that I listed above get in our way.

How do we stop the roller coaster? Simple really. Pay yourself first. Just like when you are paying bills, the first check you should always write is to YOU….not your car loan or your house loan or your student loan, but to you. You deserve it, you earned it. It may not be much…could be 20 bucks or it could be $200 but the point is you pay yourself first. I’ll be damed if my mortgage company gets paid before me….but why don’t we do this in all phases of our own lives. Again pretty simple, most of us feel that we don’t deserve it. We live for our kids, our spouse, our jobs, our yards, ect, ect, ect….

Put yourself first….have you ever wondered why on every airline in the world when the flight attendants are doing their safety brief they say “secure your own mask first before assisting anyone else” But my kids, my spouse, my pet poodle fluffy? We put OUR mask on first because if we don’t, we might not be able to help those around us.

The same is true for fitness. I don’t mean going to the gym or running before anyone else does. I mean actually taking time for you and just you every single day. I think many of you are thinking when I say fitness I am talking about being in great physical shape. Nope, not at all actually. Being in great shape and losing 20 or 30 pounds might be a by product of what I am talking about but true fitness means so much more. How many of you can tell me RIGHT NOW the name of the last book you read? Some of you can, some cannot. Why?

So what is true fitness….are you ready?

F – Find time for you. Just you. Not your husband or wife or kids or boss. YOU!
I – There is no I in team but this is about you, not some damn team
T – Take a break everyday to listen to your heart and mind. You might be amazed at what they tell you.
N – Never take a break from you.
E – Exercise your brain and your body as often as you can. Read, walk, run, listen to your fav music.
S – Set a goal for tomorrow, this week, this month, this year, next year. Write them down.
S – Stay true to your goals. Read them every single day. Make it the 1st thing you do in the morning.

That ladies and gentleman is FITNESS.

I would love to hear any of your thoughts, comments or feedback.

All the best to all of you.

Jim Parker is the owner and operator of Muffins to Marathons – Fit 4 Life and the Fit 4 Life Race Series. If you have a comment for this story, please feel free to add your comment. If you would like to contact Jim with a story or an idea please contact him at or on twitter @M2M_Fit4Life


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