So many questions, so few answers

Not quite sure how to begin this blog post.  Normally I am not a man of few words nor have I ever been known to not have an opinion about something.  For some reason however, I have been struggling on this post.  I believe this struggle is systemic of the struggles I have been having for the better part of a year now in getting myself back to a point where I actually want to run again.  If you will indulge me, I would like to backtrack a bit.

April 2013 – Moved back to Fargo from my final duty station of Pensacola, Florida.

May 2013 – Officially retired after 20 years in the US Navy.

June 2013 – The official decline of my fitness, running and nutrition began.

July 2013 through January 2015 – Well let’s just say that I didn’t do a whole lot.  A couple of Half Marathons that I struggled through and maybe and that is a BIG maybe…800 miles of running.

Something changed though about 3 weeks ago.  I jumped on the scale and realized that I had so completely let my health go.  In my peak when I was running a marathon per month, I weighed 156 pounds.  That is my optimum running weight.  The scale showed 206 pounds 3 weeks ago.  To make matters worse, I had my yearly physical a week later and my cholesterol came in at 268!!!  258!!!  My HDL is ok but my LDL is so far out of control that it made me extremely nervous.

So many questions.  What the hell am I doing?  How did I get back to this point in my life?  So many years of busting my ass day in and day out to accomplish so many things, only to let myself gain 50 pounds and see my health deteriorate.

Not quite sure where I can or need to go from here.  Two weeks ago I completely revamped my nutrition.  Lots more fruits and veggies.  Removed most red meat.  Increased my intake of lean chicken, pork and removed almost all refined grains.  In addition, I have begun to build my base running.  Not running fast or very long yet, but every single day I am increasing my time, distance and speed.

I am hopeful that I can continue to find the time every day to continue to find just a bit of time for me everyday to get my fitness time in.  Controlling nutrition is easy, but sometimes finding the time to run is going to be a challenge.  That said, I know what needs to be done.  Two weeks into this process I am happy to report that I down 5 pounds.  Not much but it’s a start.  Let’s see what the next two weeks brings.

Happy Running!


7 thoughts on “So many questions, so few answers”

  1. I just did a post about this similar situation yesterday! I, too, had stopped running. I gained 20 pounds and my healthful eating habits were in the gutter. Something needed to be done! It’s been rough getting back into it but I’m loving it! Have a half marathon coming up in less than a month and I’m sure it will be my slowest time but I’m happy to be back! Just take it one day at a time.

  2. So easy to let a day go by and then its a month–or more. I backed off running sometime in the November with recurrent minor injuries. I’ve only recently been getting an inclination to get back into it.

    Good luck on your journey!

    From a family of (mostly) military men I thank you for serving!

  3. I have been in a rut for about a year now. No exercise, much less running. I’m changing that this year. Good luck in getting back to exercising and good nutrition

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