Failed working 101

What do you do when you are unable to complete the assigned run as planned?  Some would argue that you move on to the next day and do that days workout.  I subscribe to another philosophy however.  Yesterday, I was a pitiful excuse for a runner.  Scheduled workout was a 41 minute run on the tread starting at 5.8 and then increasing in speed every 3 minutes by .1 and then a 4:40 “tempo” portion for 4:40.  So it would go like this:

5.8 for 3 minutes

5.9 for 3 minutes

6.0 for 3 minutes

7.0 for 4 minutes 40 seconds

This would be cycle one and then 2 more cycles to go…increasing base speed each time.  So cycle two started with…

5.9 for 3 minutes

6.0 for 3 minutes

6.1 for 3 minutes and then…..failure.

7.1 for 4 minutes 40 seconds.

Well I failed miserably on the 7.1 speed for the 4:40.  I had to walk twice.  Picked it up on the 3rd cycle but with the continued increase in speed I still failed and had to walk a few times.  Some would argue that this is not failure, but I disagree.  For me it is.  I was able to complete the workout however the mileage was easily a 1/10th of a mile less than what it should have been and after this workout I had a half mile sprint scheduled and I was only able to make it through a quarter mile.  Disappointing so today, I am going to hit it again and hope that I am able to complete this better today.  I do not believe in moving on if I cannot complete the workout that I needed to get done as todays scheduled workout is scheduled to be even harder than yesterdays.

Speed is something that does not come back as easily.  I feel that I have a pretty good base built and now starting to get the speed back is proving to be more challenging.  So many dynamics of the body go into running faster and farther and for longer periods of time.  If you are working on speed, push yourself when you can and then back down when you need to.  Slowly but surely it will get there.  Here is hoping that today is the day I can at least complete this run so I don’t have to do it again tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone and Happy Running/Walking.


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