Run for Fun

Sometimes in our running lives we need to simply run for the fun of it.  That is what I did today.  I have been concerned for a bit now that my speed is not coming back as fast as I would like.  It is coming back but very very slowly.  So today I decided for my 45 minute run that I was just going to have fun with it.  Run a bit faster at times, run slower, but run I did.  45 minutes straight with absolutely no walk breaks so I was pretty happy.

One of the reasons why I started running was because I needed to lose weight.  Funny thing happened though…when I started running, I learned how to relax, thing about things that were going on and most of all, I had fun.  I had fun pushing myself.  I had fun struggling.  I had fun hit my times or my distance.

I think often times, many of us look at running as a chore.  Something that we need to do to prepare for a race or to lose 1 more pound.  It doesn’t have to be.  Running can and should be fun.  So I am determined to make it fun.  The big question however is how do we make running fun?  I think this is a great question!  We make it fun by not focusing on a set distance or a set speed or pace.  I told myself I am going to run for 45 minutes today and I really don’t care how fast or how far I go.  And that is what I did.  And I enjoyed every single minute of it.  Wasn’t fast or far but it was fun.  I was thinking about so many things.  Some work related, some personal…but the last thing I thought of was distance or speed.


On a personal note last week was my first cut back week and I needed it badly.  Only lost .2 pounds 😦 but that put me at a 10 pound total weight lose since I re-started my journey 5 weeks ago.  I am happy with that.  My mileage is increasing and my total running time is increasing.  Overall I would give myself a grade of B-…still a LONG way to go to be ready for the half marathon in May but I am increasing my running time by 2 more minutes every day and next week starts the hard stuff.  Here is to training 🙂

Happy Running.


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