On the Road Again….Just can’t wait….

To get on the road again…well actually I can.  I can wait a long long time!  Willie Nelson has no flipping idea about what the road actually means!  So this past week Amy has been telling me and telling me and telling me (yes that many times) that I need to start running outside again or else I would never be ready for the race come May.  So on Friday when we were in Walker I had my first outside run…..let’s just say it was a FAIL of monumental proportions!  My legs hurt, my back hurt, my feet were hurting…and Amy, well she was just cruising along listening to me complain a lot.

Ya see, she followed my advice from a long time ago, and that is to make sure you get outside to get some good solid road miles in which she has been doing.  You simply cannot duplicate road running on a treadmill.  I am a HUGE believer in the treadmill and I have basically lived on it since the 8th of February.  There does however come a time when the road just beckons.  I know why it is that I haven’t gotten out more.  I can blame it on the cold weather or the wind, but the reality is that I simply haven’t felt ready.  Gaining 50 pounds over the past year and barely working out will do some pretty incredible things to someone emotionally as well as physically.

So how do we get back out on the road?  Slowly, very very slowly.  Those of us who have been doing most of our running on the treadmill, moving out to the road too fast, or for too long will significantly increase your risk for injuries.  Whatever you can do on the treadmill, run about a minute per mile slower and only start out with about half the distance you can normally do the tread.  Then slowly every day increase the time, distance and pace.  We are all in this together and I know that we can do it.

As for my week that we have since passed through…no change on the weight…though I will say I am pretty damn happy that I maintained with going away for the weekend and eating far to much great food.  So, still sitting at 196 which is still down 10 pounds since Feb 8th.  My miles were down a bit last week as well, so I am making up for that with a vengeance this week…trying to find the time to run is the hardest part but it will get done.  Nutrition….well that pretty much took a backseat for most of last week but I am happy to say I am back on track this week.  Remember with our nutrition, it is all about moderation and follow that 80/20 rule.  80% of the time eat as well as you can…20% of the time, eat some comfort foods 🙂  Nothing crazy but treat yourself once in a while.  Don’t forget your water 🙂

Have a super great week everyone and Happy Running!



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