Here we go….(Again)

It has been a couple of years since I really was training hard.  By hard I mean upwards of 130 to 200 miles of running per month.  I am not anywhere near that point yet but today was a great sign that I still know how to run 🙂  I guess after 24 marathons and over 8,000 miles of running, it is like riding a bike.  But just like most everything, if you don’t practice and keep doing it, you lose the conditioning.  I have for sure lost the conditioning but I am happy this morning because for the most part my form was still there, my breathing needs a bit of work, rhythm is there for the most part…a bit off but will be easily corrected within about 50 miles.  One thing I always told my clients is that before you can start to see and feel success, you have to first start.  Today is that start and though I don’t feel completely successful I know I can still do this and do it at a competitive level again.  BTW…my left leg that I had the minor fracture in a month ago seemed to hold up just fine.

Training Day 1

Distance – 2 Miles

Type – Easy

Splits – Mile 1 (8:59), Mile 2 (8:51)

Total time – 17:40

Average Pace – 8:50

Elevation – Overall gain of 16 ft.

Overall happy with the pace for the first time running outside in a while.

So now we move on to Day 2.  I am going to update what the plan will be for the next day on todays blog and then do the same moving forward from here on out.

Day 2 will again be another 2 mile run however the goal will be to complete it about 20 seconds faster than today.  Remember, that pace is all relative to what you are comfortable with.  This is just like anything else, whether it is running or weight lifting or reading for that matter.  You have to do what is comfortable for you however you must have the fortitude to continue to push yourself just a bit harder….this is how you will see progress.  I am going to include some basic strength exercises starting tomorrow.  All body weight stuff.  Push-ups, Squats, Lunges, Side Lunges and Planks.  Feel free to follow right along…it is going to get fun in a hurry 🙂

Happy Running!



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