Our Dog, Anxiety and Running

So tonight I made a post about one of our dogs.  We have two Golden Retrievers.  Cooper is going be a full 1 year old on June 6 and Raya is only a couple of months behind her.  We have noticed over the last several months that Raya demonstrates a very high level of anxiety.  Maybe it has been more than a few months now but it is apparent that she does not like to be left alone, she does not like anyone to do anything that doesn’t include her.  She is feisty and energetic.  She is a GREAT dog when she does relax but those moments are few and far between.  One of the comments on my post tonight made me thing just a bit.  She mentioned that dogs are pack animals and can pick up on humans emotions or anxiety.  Maybe this is true.  We have an extremely active and sometimes anxious home.

So this got me thinking about running.  Are runners just generally anxious?  Can I run faster or further tomorrow?  Will I run faster or further tomorrow?  What if I don’t?  How is this going to affect my training for my next race?  OMG, I had a bad run…this run is going to completely ruin my goal(s) for my next race!

We as runners or walkers are anxious by nature.  All it takes is one bad or one great run to lower or boost our expectations.  In full discloser, I have just really started running again and after 2 days, I am pumped and excited…I do believe that Amy is as well.  That said, I have run a LOT of miles in my day and I can tell you from experience that running  is an inherently anxious activity.  Regardless of if you are toeing the line on your first or 400 race, or just going to a nice run through town, we all get nervous about how we are going to perform, how are bodies are going to react.  This is natural and normal.  We have run a grand total of 4.1 miles in two days and it was very very slow.  For some reason however, I have felt just a bit anxious before each run these last few days, and I don’t find that to be all that bad.  Maybe, just maybe that little anxious feeling will keep me and us going…tomorrow morning is coming quick so I am going to end this for now.  I will say though that our very hyper Raya has been laying here right next to me and Amy for the last 15 minutes content as a pig in mud.  Amy thinks she knows I am writing about her…..and if that is the case, this now makes me extremely anxious.

Happy Running!!



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