Words from Jim’s guest speaker

ATTENTION FOLKS, this is NOT the Muffin Man (Jim)!  That’s right!  It’s your long lost friend, Amy!  This morning, while Jim and I were on our run, the conversation went a bit like this (in-between the heavy breathing):

Muffin Man (Jim): Hey, hon. I was wondering if you’d like to be my guest speaker on my blog today.

Muffinette (me): Your GUEST SPEAKER??? Boy, do I feel the love I tell ya!

Muffin Man: Well, ya know… from my wife of course… my guest speaker! You can write about whatever you want!

So here I am!  Jim’s “guest speaker” has stolen his laptop to write about whatever I want!

I’ve spent much of the day thinking about what I was going to write about.  I’d actually like to touch on a few topics that have been on my mind lately.  As you know based on Jim’s posts, we have recently started running again.  After too long of a break, the scale and our self-esteem made us realize that enough is enough.  I think Jim told me this morning that we have put a little over 13 miles on our shoes since we started up again.  That is the distance I used to LOVE to run – Half Marathons!  13.1 miles was my absolute favorite distance to run…all in ONE run!  Sadly, it’s taken a week to get those miles in, but one thing I’ve learned is that what I’m doing now is far better than what I have been doing for a few years now.  We are starting over and we are PROUD of ourselves!  Instead of dwelling on how far I used to be able to run, how fast I used to be and how easy it felt, I’m now feeling accomplished by getting out there each and every day doing what I need to do knowing that eventually, it will become easier, I will get faster and I will see the results. The only way I won’t is if I quit and that just can’t happen again!

One thing that hasn’t changed about myself as a runner is that there are times I need to splurge and treat myself to something to give myself a high-five.  It could be a new running outfit or treating myself to a cookie.  I decided this week that I deserved and very much needed a new pair of running shoes!  Earlier this week I went in and got myself a new pair of running shoes.  I’m an Asics girl!  Always have been and probably always will be!  What specific kind of Asics you might ask? The cutest ones, of course!  Unlike the Muffin Man, I seriously just go off of which colors I like the best.  The saleswoman was going through all of the differences between one Asic to the next, but I knew exactly which one I wanted! My new Asics Gel-Quantum 350’s are super cute… dark gray, black and a tish of salmon color to add some pizazz!  Now, if some of you don’t know, the one thing that is suggested when buying running shoes is to get a 1/2 bigger than your normal shoe size.  I typically wear an 8.5 or 9 regular shoe, so I know with Asics that I need a 9.5.  That is until the saleswoman stresses that these shoes are running tight on people, so I purchased size 10.  Bad idea!  Needless to say, I was back in the store today, returning the 10’s for a 9.5.  If any of you know the Pete the Cat – I Love My Red Shoes! children’s book, just envision me singing the song “I love my new shoes! I love my new shoes! I love my new shoes!”  What’s your favorite shoe?  I’d love to hear!

The other topic I want to discuss now since I’m not sure if I will ever get the honor of being Jim’s guest speaker again, is the importance of strength workouts.  Jim, as a trainer, has always been so good about incorporating strength exercises and all of his strength exercises solely use our own body weight.  If you don’t currently have strength workouts in your daily workout routine, I highly suggest you add it!  I’m here to tell you that our strength workouts get us out of breath far more than the running part of our exercising – seriously!  Pushups, sit-ups, in-and-outs, lunges… you name it, they are hard, but so needed to gain strength to then accomplish more in our runs!

I remember when I first started running 8 years ago, I simply did it because it was an escape.  I had just given birth to my son, Jeremy. I needed some “me time” and the only way I could get it was to go out for run. No one wanted to join me in on that!  What’s interesting is that now, I want the exact opposite.  Although I still go on runs by myself when need be, I find myself preferring to run with someone else.  Jim and I seem to have the same pace and we push each other to complete our goals.  I love running with my best friend and I’m so thankful for the days he can run with me!  As of late, I have had the honor to add someone else to my running partner list.  My daughter, Kensey, who is now 11, has been running with me the majority of the time. The first thing I told her is that I do not like to talk when I run!  (This is mostly because I have to concentrate on my breathing so much! HA!)  “Oh, that’s ok, Mom!” she said.  Yep, the entire time during our runs, I just listen! I listen to her tell me story after story after story and not once does she ask a question because she knows I can’t answer!  HA! It’s great! It makes the time go by so much faster! And it’s giving us the opportunity to make memories which I cherish!  For the record, Jeremy did try going out for a run the very first day. He lasted about a half a block and then went back home.  He does do strength with me though and crushes the push ups!  He is one ripped little man and I’m so thankful that my children understand the importance of exercise!

Well, there ya have it!  My first “guest speaker” blog is complete!  It’s nothing too crazy, but he didn’t give me much time to think about the most perfect topic! If I think of anything wonderful to write about during this new and exciting yet exhausting journey, I will steal Jim’s laptop again!

As the Muffin Man says, “Happy Running!”

Yours Truly,

Jim’s Guest Speaker – Amy



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