Accountability & Expectations

We are all accountable to someone aren’t we?  We all have expectations, right?  Throughout our lives from birth to death, accountability and expectations follow us.  They never leave and nor should they.  Who are you accountable for?  Whose expectations do you hold closest to you?  My hope is that your answer’s to those questions is to yourself.

In our household lately, I am not 100% sure which of the above words is more focused on by both of us, but I can tell you that working to get BACK INTO SHAPE requires both.

I was going to make a blog post last night but I was simply exhausted.  Pretty exhausted right now in fact after 17 hours over two days out in the hot sun for my kids baseball games and this doesn’t include the hours I need and still need to get out into the gardens. But through it all and with this busy weekend, both Amy and I were able to hold each other accountable to our runs and it was expected that we do what the plan says we do.  And we did.

We are not running any huge distances and we are certainly NOT running very fast but we now have run 12 of the last 14 days…2 weeks ago today, we started our new journey.  We have had a grand total of 2 rest days.  Amy doesn’t like this much but it is absolutely required.

Accountability and expectations go hand in hand with not only running and walking or working out in general but in every facet of our lives.  We all have our responsibilities to our families, to our work, to God, but we also have to be responsible for ourselves.  No matter what it is that we are doing or wanting to do, we must always hold ourselves accountable and meet our own expectations every single day.  If we do, everything else will just fall into place.

Happy Running!!



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