Pushing through when you don’t want to!!

So it has been a couple of weeks since I last wrote, sorry about that.  Been busy with work, kids, the gardens, the lawns, the dogs and of course our running.  Not all in that order, but hey, it is what it is.  We are in our 2nd week of official “training” for the half marathons in the fall and I think we are pretty much right on target.  Again, I don’t think we are going to be super fast for the first couple of races this fall, but we will be faster than where we are now.  I will admit, that I have hit what I hope is a temporary slump in my running.  I am still doing it, not nearly as fast as my wife with regards to pace but I am still getting my miles in.  But this HAS hit a hot button with me.  Is it the steady increase in miles?  Is it the fact that my wife is faster than me (yes we are EXTREMELY competitive), is it the fact that now at 43 years old I can’t get back into shape nearly as quick as I could when I was 34…(everything hurts on a daily basis) I simply don’t know.  All I know is for the last week to 10 days every single run has been a struggle.  I told Amy the other day that I am now merely a “fair weather runner”.  I don’t like running in the wind or the cold or the rain.  Can’t stand it and when I was in my “prime”, I simply didn’t care.  I just did it.  Now, I huff and I puff and I complain like a 2 year old with a wet diaper.

So on Saturday, Amy and I played golf…well we played 3 holes.  It was windy, cold and then the rain came.  I didn’t mind one bit…my lovely wife, was NOT impressed and wanted NOTHING to do with any golf.  To her credit, she did tell me many years ago that she was a fair weather golfer.  The last few days I have been thinking about this and it turns out my thoughts have told me that we are all who we are.  We all change as well.  Things that we liked 10, 15 or 20 years we no longer do.  This that we didn’t like in that same time span we now like.  Years ago, I would have NEVER golfed in the rain voluntarily.  Today, I don’t care.  Maybe, as we all grow and get older we have to adapt to the changing conditions and simply take things one day at a time.  Tomorrow, is supposed to be a rest day, and for my beautiful wife it is, but not for me as I decided to take mine yesterday.  So I have 4 miles to complete tomorrow morning.  Not sure what the weather is going to be but I have to just deal with it regardless.  Just like life, not everyday is going to be great.  Not with work, our kids or our relationships.  Those that are able to persevere, however, hard it may be will be the ones who cross the finish line with their heads held high.

Happy Running.


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