June Wrap-up

June is finally DONE!!  But July didn’t start off any better but we will get to that in a few.

We started our journey anew back on May 21st and we spent 4 weeks doing a base building pre-training.  June 18th we actually started our training by incorporating hill work, speed work, increased distance and starting to run more and walk less.  I believe we did achieve this goal.

Six weeks ago when we started we were on a 2minute walk/2 minute run method.  We have increased our run time by one minute each week and this week we were 2 minute walk/7 minute run.  Next week is 2 minute walk/8 minute run.  We are only a couple weeks away I believe from removing the walk portion.  We are both now quite comfortable running continuously for 2.5 miles at about a 10:20 pace.  But, let’s talk about today….

So, we had a 3 mile continuous run scheduled for today.  This would be the longest run we have run continuous since we started so I was a bit on the nervous side.  We went out around noon or so and got started.  I am planning on a nice 10:30 to 10:40 pace.  As we started out Amy even said, run at the pace you want, I am going to take it easy (her leg has been hurting a bit so completely understandable).  I said great and off we went and went and went.  At about 3/4’s of a mile, I noticed that we were running at a 9:31 pace.  We ended up running the first mile in 9:53.  At 1.20 miles I mention to Amy that I think we are pushing the pace a bit to hard for this to be considered a “comfortable run”.  This wise woman then states that our goal is to finish the 3 miles in a sub 10 minute per mile pace.  O.K. but this is NOT what she said at the beginning.  She starts spewing out words of advice which sound vaguely familiar to things I once said to her…anyways, mile 2 is done at a 9:38 pace and mile 3 at a 9:43 pace.  Overall a 9:45 pace.  It was a great run but it was not what I had planned.  Thanks for pushing me Amy.

I fear this is what July is going to bring though.  We both know that our speeds have to increase.  We have a pretty good base built up at this point so we do need to focus on our speed more.  Distance is also going to have to go up.  Goal by the end of July is to be able to run 7 miles with no walking.  We are getting there.

I do believe we are still tracking well for the September half marathon.  We are tracking for at least one 10 miler by the 3rd week in August and if we can sneak in an additional one that would be even better.  We shall see how it goes.

Anyways, thats about it.  70 miles in June in a little over 34 hours of running.  Weight loss is going well for both of us as well.  Changed up a bit how we are eating and that continues to be a work in progress but will get better.  Lots more chicken and fish now and a lot less red meat.

To everyone who reads this and to those who don’t.  Happy 4th of July to all of you.  Stay safe, continue to focus on your goals no matter what they might be and don’t worry if you miss a workout or eat a bit too much.  Holidays are tough but you can still get some workouts in and you can still “try” to eat as healthy as you can.  Until next time.

Happy Running.


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