Run For the Redfish Half Marathon – December 2009

This was kind of a spur of the moment race for me.  I decided only a few days before hand to go and run it because I wanted to put one more half under my belt before the next marathon which was quickly approaching in January.  This was a 2nd year race and from what I heard about the first year, it wasn’t all that great.  I figured I would give it a chance though and just see how it went.  I can’t say that I was either extremely excited or disappointed about the race.  It was an O.K. race.  The race was located in Panama City, Florida which is roughly a 2 hour drive east of Pensacola.  The morning was a cold one, I do remember that.  There was a decent wind coming out of the west and guess what.  It turned out to be an out and back course.  6.55 miles straight west and then 6.55 miles back straight east.  As I have said before, I am not a fan of out and back tracks but what can you do.  It was run on the main road along the ocean which was nice.  Almost no one came out to watch which is pretty much par for the course at times down here.  I didn’t a very good race, but it was a great training run, and it prepared me nicely for Mobile a month later.  I did improve my time my exactly 1 minute and ran my first half marathon in under an 8:00 per mile pace.

Half Marathon Finishing Time:  1:43:46


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