Marathon Makeover Madness Marathon – October 2009

After the Fargo Marathon in May I decided to take a couple of weeks and figure out what I wanted.  What I wanted to get in much better shape, and run a marathon much faster than I had in Fargo.  So in looking at my schedule I found a race pretty close by up in Mississippi and decided I would target that one for my next marathon.  I have to say that this 2nd marathon didn’t turn out much better than the 1st.  Yes I ran a quicker time, but it came at a cost.  I was still not quite certain about how to go about running a marathon.  This lack of knowledge contributed to a complete crash and burn.  I was running (what I thought) was a great race up until about the 17 mile mark.  I remember vividly feeling my body start to shut down.  By mile 20 I was in full scale survival mode.  All of the muscles in my legs from my calves to quads completely locked up.  When I say completely, I mean completely.  Thankfully, I stumbled upon the medical tent at mile 20 and the EMT in there gave me a salt pill and told me to drink a bottle of Gatoraide.  I was in that tent for about 5 minutes and then off I went again to tackle the remaining 6 miles.  At about mile 22 my legs loosened up and I was able to finish relatively strong.  As it turns out, I developed a condition called hyponutremia.  Basically, this amounts a sodium imbalance.  To much water, not enough salt in a nutshell.  You see I screwed up on the first 13 miles and didn’t drink any thing.  I was running with another guy and we got to talking and I just “missed” every water stop.  I tried to make up for it after the fact but the damage had been done.  I sweat a LOT when I workout and that combined with drinking to much water, created an imbalance.  Thankfully, no lasting damage.  In the end, I survived, and ran about 22 minutes quicker than I had in Fargo…but I wasn’t done yet….in fact, I was just getting started!

Marathon Finishing Time:  4:13:47 (9:41 per mile pace)


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